Embedded software development 

PearlDrift excels in disruptive innovations, developing firmware and software for diverse embedded systems. Our skilled engineers provide invaluable support in microcontrollers, real-time operating systems, and more. Choose PearlDrift for the latest trends and cutting-edge solutions.

Embedded software solutions

At PearlDrift, we are experts in disruptive innovations and specialize in developing firmware and software solutions for diverse embedded systems across various industries. Our highly skilled engineers have a deep understanding of microcontrollers, real-time operating systems, and other embedded technologies, enabling us to provide invaluable support to businesses seeking to stay ahead. Whether you require a reliable partner to navigate the latest trends or a customized, cutting-edge solution, PearlDrift is the right choice.

Embedded control systems

Our company builds complex systems that ensure the consistent and precise performance of all embedded elements within extensive industrial processes.

Media streaming solutions

PearlDrift builds media streaming software that provides rapid responses to audiences' interests by streaming live and on-demand media content.

Real-time systems

Through software algorithms ensuring real-time communications, PearlDrift releases solutions that respond to events and executes tasks instantly.

Smart home solutions

Our top-tier engineers equip customers with systems that link household appliances and digital devices in one environment under remote control.

Embedded vision systems

We at PearlDrift integrate cameras and processing boards into computing systems, launching solutions for visual inspection, process control, etc.

Embedded security solutions

By taking proactive security approaches, we forge solutions immune to malicious activities and unsanctioned access, building trust with our customers.

Network solutions

To help businesses establish secure online presence, we develop embedded software that supports internet connections based on NTP, DNS, DHCP, VoIP, etc

Embedded IoT solutions

We create intelligent IoT solutions that rely on IoT gateways and edge computing for stable communication without human intervention.

Hire embedded software engineers

At PearlDrift, we do not just hire developers with great skills, we cultivate a culture of dedication to high-quality standards. Our team consists of top performers who meticulously consider every detail in software development. We pride ourselves on providing fast project kick-off, quick scale-up within 2-5 days, efficient project delivery, and strict compliance with customer requirements. Trust us to turn your vision into reality with our top-notch software development services.

Embedded systems customer experience: how we improve it

We welcome new technologies as they emerge, incorporating disruptive solutions that expedite corporate processes. Our expertise in human-machine interface creation ensures that consumers can engage in an intuitive and complete manner with machines, computers, robots, and other electronic equipment. Our HMI solutions have user-friendly interfaces and layouts that allow users to easily manage and monitor digital devices, making complex systems simple to use.

Improving reliability and performance

We continuously strive to ensure that our embedded systems perform well and operate without any failures to maintain trouble-free operation.

Making embedded systems easier to use

Through user-friendly interfaces, intuitive control systems, and streamlined development processes, we make our solutions easy to use.

Improving power efficiency

By utilizing advanced technologies and optimizing power management, we help clients reduce energy costs and make operations more sustainable.

Encouraging innovation

We believe that by sharing knowledge and expertise we can collectively improve our embedded solutions and increase profits for clients involved.

Providing better customer support

We offer comprehensive training and ongoing technical support to ensure that our customers get the most out of their digital solutions.

Improving accessibility

We strive to create intuitive solutions that are user-friendly and easy to understand, regardless of technical expertise.

Making safety a priority

PearlDrift considers safety a priority, ensuring that digital solutions operate securely for both humans and the environment.

Offering customization options

By offering customization services, we at PearlDrift tailor embedded systems to meet customers’ needs and requirements.

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