Cyber Security

Why hire an internal IT person, when you can have an entire team of IT experts for a fraction of the cost?

Build Security Resilience Against Cyber Attackers

An IT security audit goes beyond deploying just a firewall. It identifies real-time risks that can compromise confidentiality, integrity, or availability of data:
Around 98% of the web apps that have been tested are VULNERABLE TO CYBER ATTACK
A new organization will fall victim to ransomware EVERY 14 SECONDS IN 2019, AND EVERY 11 SECONDS BY 2022.

We can make you impenetrable.

From data encryption services to proactive information asset security, we offer a comprehensive approach and the best technologies to create a solid security strategy that protects corporate information.

Our Services

The security audit services from PearlDrift combine domain knowledge with cutting-edge business insights to help you unleash the potential of your data. We make sure that the security measures based on your company are completely devoted to the risk profile and technological environment.

Web Security

The website security audit services will enable your organization to prevent breaches and downtime by protecting your data in the web applications.

Mobility Security

The mobility security audit offers end-to-end services including application mapping and reverses engineering to identify technical vulnerabilities in your mobile applications.

Cloud Security

The auditors make use of robust cybersecurity services to secure operations & protect existing systems. Even a slight issue in the enterprise network can lead to a significant economic loss.

Compliance Security

We imply an integrated approach to enhance enterprise security that protects information risk and integrate all the necessary tools needed for governance and compliance.

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